Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

If you’re like me, you thought all summer about what school would look like this fall, if your schools would reopen for face-to-face learning, and how you would choose to do school for your family. Also if you’re like me, you probably changed your mind a dozen times and are continuously questioning the decisions you made. If so, I have a resource that may be helpful to you. The psychologist moms over at Pandemic Parenting hosted a webinar on August 7 titled To School or Not to School: Making Decisions in the Time of COVID Resources. You can view the webinar on their website as well as access dozens of resources that may help you with your decision-making. To be fully transparent, I did not read every single resource listed, because the list is quite extensive, but what I did read was helpful. My favorites were their steps for Risk-Benefit Decision-Making and their 7 Tips You Can Try Now. The biggest take-away for me was whatever decision we make doesn’t have to be a forever decision or even a long-term decision, but simply the best decision for our current reality. In most cases, we can change our minds. Thinking of decisions as being fluid definitely takes some of the paralyzing fear out of them. Here’s the link! Check it out!

To School or Not to School: Making Decisions in the Time of COVID Resources by Pandemic Parenting