Before the pandemic started I was in a nice routine with my oldest in school full-time, my youngest in preschool, and me settling into a new work-from-home job that I loved. Then everything came to a sudden stop. I found it impossible to get any work done that required deep thinking while also managing my kids. We were together all the time which led to more sibling arguments, and I had to juggle distance learning and countless Zoom calls a week for school and speech therapy. I felt so socially isolated and lonely. Plus I was feeling so much stress about the virus. Would we get it? How do I keep us safe? What about my at-risk parents and in-laws? The virus information seemed to change daily which didn’t help my stress. I had my psychology and counseling background to help me understand what was going on and how I was feeling, but I was still overwhelmed a lot. Now two psychologist moms are sharing their knowledge and research to help families weather pandemic stress better. Check it out. I will be posting links from their website as they fit with the focus of The Hovering Parent as well.

These Psychologist Moms Are Researching Parents’ Pandemic Stress and Sharing Results in Real Time

Author: Vicky Hallett

Published: August 6, 2020 at 11:27 a.m. EDT by The Washington Post